How to install vSphere vCLI 6.0

Install VMware-vSphere-CLI-6.5.0-4566394 


I have face new challenges with vmware vsphere cli, while using it on new fresh installation of windows 10 laptop.

Basics or prerequisite from VMware vSphere CLI guide i forget and start scratching google and digging other blogs that consumed more than couple of hours.


VMware vsphere VCLI guide… clearly provide a pre-requiste and it states that;


Pre-requiste for windows;

Install Visual C++ 2008 redistributable for 32-bit.
ActivePerl or Strawberry Perl version 5.14

Install VMware vSphere vCLI software;

Download software from vmware (my version : VMware-vSphere-CLI-6.5.0-4566394)
Install software  VMware vSphere CLI


Post Installation issues with Scripts:

after installing a file as well when try to connect to my ESXi server to install Dell Equallogic MEM files.

Download MEM files and keep it in C:\ folder MEM, use script give error:

Error without directory


CHANGE DIRECTORY TO vCLI installation of bin drive

C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI\bin>

Copy SETUP.PL on this path for Dell Equallogic MEM



ISCSI configuration with best practices working.



Kabeer Siddiqui.




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