Installing Dell EQL MEM – ESXCLI

Installing Dell EQL MEM – ESXCLI Command


  • Download Mem-file from Dell Equallogic portal “”.
  • Copy on desire ESX server to execute it.


On Putty – Execute following

[root@esx05:~] esxcli software vib install –depot /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/
Installation Result
Message: Operation finished successfully.
Reboot Required: false
VIBs Installed: Dell_bootbank_dell-eql-host-connection-mgr_1.5.0-437336, Dell_bootbank_dell-eql-hostprofile_1.5.0-437336, Dell_bootbank_dell-eql-routed-psp_1.5.0-437336
VIBs Removed:
VIBs Skipped:





Thanks 🙂




One Response to Installing Dell EQL MEM – ESXCLI

  1. Hi there! says:

    Whoa!!! So you have all Nesbos?

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